Residual Current Devices

By | January 23, 2012

The Residual Current Device (RCD) was previously known as ‘earth leakage circuit breaker’. The RCD is an electrical product that has a special mechanism. The RCD is designed to “trip” when an electrical fault has been picked up somewhere on an electrical system. The fault could be caused from numerous things like a loose connection in a socket or a dodgy appliance plugged in to a socket causing a fault.

The idea behind the RCD is to protect humans from the dangers of electricity, which are fires and electrical shocks. As soon as a problem is detected by the RCD the electricity supply to the circuit is interrupted in point 4 of a second causing a power cut.

The residual current detector device under old electrical regulations only used to protect certain circuit’s of a domestic system, the new 17th edition regulations state that all house rewiring has to be fully RCD protected providing the home owner with maximum protection.

Often, houses that have very old electrical installations lack any sort of electrical protection at all, which is incredibly dangerous and puts lives in danger.

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